Comment on the Stage Theory of Schizophrenia

Yes, it is an excellent presentation that emphasizes Stage Phase of “Illness” and need for  conceptualizing “treatment-interventions,” differently, with less emphasis on  the importance of targeting the so called  “positive  symptoms” of schizophrenia and psychosis,  and the importance of having  more emphasis on use of positive psychology, appropriate medication intervention to ensure stabilization of “vegetative functioning,” (without implying life-long dependency),  supportive therapeutic milieu that includes significant-others in client’s life, , including provision for productive day routine and vocational employment support,  and more importantly, a  belief in client’s inner capacity for adaptation, along with ensuring  prevention of  development of life long identification with the “illness-dependent- persona” with the goal of maximizing functional outcome in person’s life stage.  Current medication and psychotherapy models of treatments, in my view, often unwittingly work counter to the latter point expressed here. This is a view we have expressed in my collaboratively written book with Charles Boisvert: Mind Stimulation Therapy: Cognitive Intervention for Persons with Schizophrenia, Routledge, 2013, and in my blog on mind stimulation therapy.


Thanks for sharing your deep and reflective and as usual erudite thoughts and perspective on the issue of Mind-body Brain-Behavior (and Soul, I may add) that have been in the minds of people of all ages and cultures. Some of which I believe fall in the realm of Unknown and Unknowable, or tied to one’s deep seated beliefs and faiths of religious and spiritual nature, or tied to one’s personal or collective search for “existential meanings” of life, not necessarily amenable to a collective rational discourse.  


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