Comment on : “The brain’s miracle superpowers of self-improvement”


The brain’s miracle superpowers of self-improvement

The article has implication for a positive psychology movement in terms of stimulating mind-body-behavior from different perspectives to help clients develop new positive self and social identify, superimposing on their long-standing identification with  “illness persona,”  or abandoning effort by therapists  of “repairing the “disturbed model” of self, and helping the client to focus on adapting strategies to deal with the present moments of Existential Reality and help them move onwards to the future for some of their clients.

Believing that “brain-mind-movement” has infinite possibilities of making connections to Reality, exploration and stimulation away from the so-called “disordered” areas of functioning may yield more positive results, specifically for people with a history of persistent psychological problems, who have not responded to the traditional model of “bleeding the wound” approach to generate insight and understanding. Moreover, the evidence for translation of “insight given in therapy sessions” that can be successfully generalized to life outside the therapy sessions or effect changes of one’s behaviors or emotions outside therapy sessions without meaningful therapeutic support in one’s milieu is not that great.

Hopefully, ideas like this may stimulate research and practice explorations with positive results by some ISPS members.

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